Pre-move planning includes: 

  • Collaboration with client and department liaison to coordinate department move/packing meetings
  • Work with moving company vendor to ensure relocation packet is created and includes detailed move instructions, schedule and point of contacts
  • Onsite floor walk review of both current and relocating space 2 weeks before move date with client
  • Collaborate with client reviewing final assigned space floor plans and compare to onsite conditions
  • Work with moving company vendor to schedule delivery.  Work with department liaison to label/tag any equipment and/or misc. storage furniture, department files (both PHI and Confidential) and accessories that may need to be relocated
  • Post move floor plans at both from/to locations and label work stations/offices for move day 

Day of move includes: 

  • Onsite ahead of move times to assist department liaison as needed
  • Collaborate with moving company team and IT teams to complete move in a timely and efficient manner
  • Collaborating with Department Liaison to create the “Welcome to Your New Space” communication sheet to be placed at each new work space for employees to refer to post move regarding VM access, phone changes, printer mapping, (if needed) all essentials to support post-move transition 

Post move includes: 

  • Being onsite beginning at designated time, the following day to assist in locating lost items etc.
  • Conduct post-move punch list and monitor resolution
  • Attend post-move team meeting